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Thought Bubble

Thought Bubble: Web App

Tools: JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas, CSS

Thought Bubble is a mind mapping web app intended to be a useful tool for brainstorming. The client desired an app that would create a mind map that could expand with the growth of an idea. At the point of conception, this was not being adequately accomplished by any other app on the market. Tasked to complete this app in a timespan of two weeks, it was a good challenge that tested what I had learned. While this is merely a prototype of a larger concept, this project challenged and reaffirmed my skill in Javascript. View Project Though Bubble


Asteroids: Processing Project

For a class assignment I was tasked to re-create the classic Asteroids game. Given only an example of the game, I had free reigns as to the design and creation of the ‘re-create’. I decided to create a very neon, retro-looking version of the game. This project was created in Processing over the course of 3 weeks. This project required the creation of simulated physics and collision detection. The collision detection was required to trigger at the correct radii of the asteroids and successfully remove destroyed asteroids from the collision detection.

Swing Ride Simulation

Swing Ride Simulation: Unity Project

As an intro and simple test of C# and Unity skills, this project was created in a 48 hour period. I designed the landscape of the setting and created a simple 3D model of the swing ride used in the simulation. The program was written in C# and was based on a simple Physics centripetal force equation. The angle created by the swings was determined by the acceleration and deceleration of the ride.

viz viz

Music Viz

Music Viz: Web Audio App

Music Viz is a web app written in Javascript, HTML5, and CSS. It utilizes HTML5 Canvas and Web Audio. The goal for this project was to create a visual representation of sound through bezel curves, shapes and colors, while examining both the waveform and frequency of the sound files. This Web App gives the user the ability to alter the colors by adjusting the RGB values to create tints of the original colors. In addition, the user has the ability to display Noise, Lines, and change the size of the arcs. They also have a choice of three songs and whether the waveform or frequency is displayed.


Carter’s Travels

Carter’s Travels: iOS app

Carter’s Travels is an iOS app developed using Swift 3.0. It was designed for the iPad and tested on the iPad Mini 2 and iPad simulators. The concept of the app was to develop a story- enriched educational game, intended to teach young kids about geographic locations around the world and the cultures of their corresponding denizens. The app is comprised of comic book-styled chapters, with mini puzzle challenges; each chapter focuses on a different geographic location. The project was started in May 2017 and is still currently under development.

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Tools: Photoshop

The following images are a collections of illustrations I've worked on over the past year. There is a mixture of Critical Role Fan art and original work

Critical Role: Caleb

Critical Role: Caleb

Critical Role: The Ruby of the Sea and Jester

Critical Role: Jester

Critical Role: Mollymauk

Critical Role: Molly

The Falling: Lighting and shading practice

the falling

DnD Character Concept: Gnome Scholar

the falling

The Shattered Hourglass

The Shattered Hourglass: 2D Animation and Story Development

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Unity, Wacom Tablet

This is a personal project currently under development. The Shattered Hourglass was originally a 2D Animation assignment in which I was tasked to create the story plot, script, storyboard, concept art, and animatic for a Shmup game using a framework code provided by the instructor. For this concept I wanted to play with the concept of time, two conflicting realities, and the possibility that the ‘villain’ may not really be the antagonist of the story. For the visuals I sought to create a steampunk themed world with two different art styles to distinguish the two realities. One reality with harsher lines and with a very low saturated color pallet, a dystopia. Another with vivid jewel colors and overall blurred lines, a utopia. As this project has become a personal project, it is currently undergoing artwork refinement and the creation of a more indepth storyworld. This includes additional scripts and more frames for the animatic.


Top Minds

Top Minds: User Interface Design

In fulfillment of a team project for a User Interface Design Class, I worked alongside three fellow programmers to create an Educational multi-platform app. There was a total of 6 screens created with both a phone and tablet version. I was responsible for creating the basic design and 4 of the 6 screens. We created a flat and colorful design that was fun and engaging. To complete this project I utilized Photoshop and Illustrator for the UI screen and InDesign for the documentation formatting.

Top Mind Booklet

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